2. eXXXperimentoX, 68min

Thursday Feb 2nd – 9 PM – 14 years
Cinema São Luiz – Subtitled for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
Tickets: R$3,00

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Devon Delmar, 6′, 2016, University of Cape Town, África do Sul

D, R: Devon Delmar. P: Robyn Palmer. F: Jesse Brown. M: Noli Masango. E: Ndabezinhle Ndebele, Hendrik Linnert.

A night watchman’s surprise at the sight of a lone figure on the train platform at dusk leads to many questions. As the night darkens, many of them remain unanswered.

C: devondelmar@gmail.com


Yinon Beeri, 11′, 2016, Tel Aviv University, Israel

D, R: Yinon Beeri. P: Yu Bo. E: Tana.

Tana is a young girl who moved from a small farm in China to the ultra-modern city of Ordos. She is a guide in the Ordos Museum, she has a passion for singing and she dreams of marriage.

C: yinonbeeri18@gmail.com


Fabiano Mixo, 4′, 2016, FilmArche Berlin, Alemanha

D: Fabiano Mixo. P: Leonie Schäfer, Fabiano Mixo. F: Alex Bloom. DA: Barbara Lenartz. S: Simon Kummer. E: Miriam Goldschmidt.

A cubist film or a portrait of Miriam Goldschmidt.

C: mail@womanwithoutmandolin.com


Jannis Lenz, 9′, 2016, Filmakademie Wien, Áustria

D, R, P, S, M: Janniz Lenz. F: Carolina Steinbrecher. TS: Erokia.

Originating in the Parisian suburbs, Parkour is a “kinetic” art form that involves jumping walls and other obstacles in urban environments. Zero-G follows a group of Parkour “tracers” from Vienna and slam artist Fatima Moumouni, who pens a poem on the city and young people’s attitude to life.

C: markus@augohr.de


Sanna Liljander, 4′, 2015, Aalto University – ELO Film School Helsinki, Finlândia

D, R: Sanna Liljander. P: Pietari Vappula. F: Jesse Jalonen. E: Kai Rintamaa.

Photographs capture special moments of our lives, also reminding us of their impermanence. Remember? travels through a space of memories.

C: sanna.liljander@gmail.com


Léa Febreguettes, 5′, 2015, EMCA School, França

D, R: Léa Febreguettes. P: EMCA.

When the world is in the dark all year long, the only sunny day is an important event. This day is tomorrow. Thousands of people gather on the beach, waiting to live this day together…

C: lea.fab@live.fr


Manuel Inacker, 25′, 2015, Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Alemanha

D, R: Manuel Inacker. P: Philipp Rappsilber, Karla Stöhr. F: Falco Seliger. E: Maximilian Andereya. S: Justus Wirth.

2000 organisms in 514 living cells form a coral reef made of concrete and steel. Portrait of an invisible city.

C: c.marx@filmuniversitaet.de